JBL Quantum Challenge

Welcome to the JBL Quantum Challenge! Play through 9 unique levels and get the best time! A contest is going on until August 14th, more info at the bottom and in the map. The map should be accessible to a wide skill range, don't hesitate to share your time and rank!

You can get the map thanks to the Workshop Map Loader & Downloader!

You don't have it? Here is a video that will help you make it work in no time https://youtu.be/Vx7zCcHetfA

French people on Epic Games Si tu es sur Epic, que tu ne connais ni BakkesMod ni le WorkshopMapLoader qui te permettent de jouer à cette map et que l'anglais ce n'est pas pour toi, voici un tuto vidéo FR https://youtu.be/2WQ-mZKdzIE Join the contest! FOR THE CHALLENGES BELOW, USE THE TIMED CUBE

#1 - Go to https://www.speedrun.com/JBLQuantumChallenge and fill in your best time! The 5 best times will be rewarded: 1 - JBL Quantum 910 (Xbox/PC/Playstation) + Signed RL Vitality Jersey 2 - JBL Quantum 910 (Xbox/PC/Playstation) 3 - Signed RL Vitality jersey 4 - JBL Quantum 360 headsets + Vitality product 5 - JBL Quantum 360 headsets + Vitality product

#2 - Finish the map and post a screenshot under this twitter post with the #JBLQuantumChallenge : https://twitter.com/TeamVitality/status/1684884041005436928 A draw will be made among all participants to win the JBL headset of your choice!

Map creators socials Ecrase-Patate: https://twitter.com/EcraseP MrPhil: https://twitter.com/MrPh1l_